Why are you giving up your pet?

Here are some of the most common Problems and Solutions:

You are moving to a place that doesn't allow pets.

Moving is the most common reason why people give up their pets. It doesn't have to be this way. Unfortunately, we live in a disposable society where we feel it's alright to get rid of something once it becomes an inconvenience.

Before you consider giving up your furry family member to a shelter please realize that chances are the will not make it out alive. Many of the people we meet at the shelters relinquishing their pets believe their pets will get adopted. That is simply not the case due to the huge pet overpopulation in Los Angeles owner turn-ins can be euthanized the same day.

But here's the good news with a little extra effort you can keep your family member!

To find pet-friendly (including pit bulls) rentals in Los Angeles and beyond click here:


Don't give up too quickly in your search to find a pet friendly rental property. If you keep looking you will find one right around the corner.

To encourage a landlord to let you keep your dog or cat:

  • Show your landlord that you're a responsible owner. Bring your well-groomed, well-behaved animal for a meet and greet. If you have it bring along an obedience class diploma or a Canine Good Citizen Certificate.
  • Offer an additional security deposit.
  • Bring references from your previous landlords and or dog trainer.
  • Don't think you're being unfair to your dog by moving into a smaller place than what he's used to. Dogs are very adaptable and they want to stay with their owners.

You don't have time for your pet.

We can't even tell you how often we hear this. But unfortunately your pet does not have a voice. He can't tell you that he would rather stay with the family he has known and loved all his life. Animals ask for so little in return for their unconditional love. We humans are not nearly so selfless. That must be why we crave the love of these wonderful creatures. Now think about it... you took on the responsibility to care for your pet for its entire life when you adopted him/her, right? You must have 5 minutes in your schedule to play some ball or spend some time snuggling with your pet when you sit down to watch your favorite TV program. I mean, isn't that why you adopted your pet to begin with? Dogs and cats have feelings, too... they go through psychological torment when they lose their family. Your pet deserves to stay with the family he/she loves.

Your dog has behavioral issues.

Dog training can solve most problems. If you can't take the time and effort to learn how to better communicate with your animal why would someone else? Dogs have the ability to learn and change their behavior.

You can no longer afford to take care of your pet.

There are many organizations that offer help for low income pet owners. If you Google lots of information will come up. A few we recommend are:

www.voala.org (for seniors)

You have allergies.

An animal that is a family member should not be given up for allergies. There are a lot of new medications on the market to explore, so talk to your doctor.

  • If you have allergies find out what else you're allergic to. By eliminating other allergens from your life, you may be able to better tolerate the one allergen you don't want to give up.
  • Try avoiding other people's pets rather than your own. Often, people with pet allergies develop some tolerance to their own critters.
  • Clean and vacuum regularly
  • Have a groomer (or anyone besides you) give your pets a good bath. But don't bother shaving your pets! Some might not like it, and it probably won't help, since it's saliva, not fur, that's causing the problem.
  • Buy an air purifier that's designed to eliminate allergens. (All air filters are not created equal!)
  • If you've taken allergy medications in the past, check with your doctor to make sure you're on the latest and best. Enormous improvements have been made very recently.

You just had a baby.

Consider calling a professional dog trainer to address any issues and introduce some new structure that might be needed when a child comes into your home. Dog training can give you the confidence you need to handle what might come up. What about a dog walker to come in few times a week to lighten your load?

If you are pregnant please don't believe the myth that you can't be around cats. You can. You just aren't supposed to change their litter box anymore. So here's a great idea! Get that husband or significant other to do it.

If you have read all the information above and still need to find a home for your pet please CLICK HERE UNDER OUR WING PROGRAM.