At The Rescue Train we believe that no dog should face euthanasia at a city shelter because of lack of basic obedience training.

If you are an owner getting ready to turn your dog into a shelter because of behavioral issues please consider the option of taking your dog to obedience training. Dogs have the ability to learn and change their behavior. With a little help from a professional dog trainer or group obedience class you could literally be saving your dog's life.

We have created a unique "Trained For Life" program . We do this to set our dogs up for success in their new home and teach owners how to transition a rescue dog successfully to be a good canine citizen. Our philosophy is we would rather invest the money into a dog's training so we can get him/her into a home, than spend the money on months of boarding because they are not highly adoptable.

Owners who are lucky to adopt one of our "Trained for Life" dogs will be taught by professional dog trainers to learn how to communicate with their new pet. This would cost the average person thousands of dollars.

This program is an excellent opportunity for both first time dog owners and more experienced dog handlers to build a relationship with their new dog and set them up for success. We look for people who are committed to the learning process and are willing to follow through.

Dogs like structure and routine. It is amazing to see the confidence and manners our rescue dogs gain during this training program. Our graduates are ready to go into loving homes and have a very high rate of finding their forever homes.

Truths about Dog Training:

Truth #1: Many beautiful dogs are turned into our shelters and face death because of lack of obedience training.

Truth #2: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A DOG WHISPERER to train a dog. Dog training is easy with commitment and consistency. Once you achieve the basics, working with your dog just 15 minutes a day will make all the difference.

Truth #3: Dogs want to please us and it's our job to show them what we want from them and how we'd like them to behave in our world.

Truth #4: If you spend the time to do basic training with your new pet in the beginning you will have a great dog for the rest of your life!

Truth #5: You and your dog will form a deep bond through training.

Truth #6: Your friends and family will be at ease around your well-trained pet not to mention IMPRESSED!

Truth #7: Dog training is FUN!


Nicole & Sugar Testimonial

When I first saw Sugar the furthest thing from my mind was that I had to obedience train this dog. I just fell in love with her face and her sweetness.

Upon getting more involved with The Rescue Train's adoption process I learned that she was already obedience trained. In addition, my boyfriend and I would get private training sessions with Sugar and her professional dog trainer so that we could reinforce what she already knows. I have never heard of such a thing, but I thought to myself what a great idea (plus less work for me!)

Well, I have to say to have a dog already house broken and trained has been a life saver for us. During the first few months it had allowed Andrew and I to get to know Sugar and for Sugar to trust us. I truly believe that the training allowed Sugar to become more relaxed and at ease when she was in unfamiliar and often new situations. She still listens to the commands that she was taught and that we were taught to use with her. I am not sure I would adopt from any other organization when I rescue my next dog. I praise the efforts of The Rescue Train for taking the time to train Sugar before she came to us.

Thank you, The Rescue Train. Trained for Life really works!

Nicole & Sugar

Dollie & Scout Testimonial

Scout is a very loving, affectionate big baby of a dog and I can't start to tell you how well behaved he is, thanks to the dedication of Lisa and her group. Adopting a dog that has gone through training has helped Scout adjust to his new life with us, and vice versa. He quickly got the reputation of the "most behaved (and handsome) dog in the neighborhood". Everybody loves him and our neighbors may not know our name, but they sure know Scout's name! Having been through the basic obedience training, Scout was very receptive to more advanced training. Let us share with you a few of his more advanced learned routines that he picked up so quickly, beyond the basic obedience training ---

  • he doesn't get out of bed and bother us until he's released
  • he picks up the newspaper for us in the morning
  • he picks up his own leash in preparation for a walk
  • he picks up all his toys and puts them his toy box
  • he has not touched any shoe, sock, couch or anything else in the house except for his toys
  • he will not touch food that he's not allowed to eat, even if it's within his reach like a coffee table; even his own food, he will not eat until he's been given the OK to do so
  • he comes on command / he goes away on command
  • his current vocabulary includes: OK, NO, DOWN, SIT, STAY, STOP, HEEL, COME, WAIT, UP, OFF, JUMP, HOLD, BACK, WATCH IT, LEAVE IT, GO GET IT (your toy, your leash, DON (my husband), etc., COME BRING IT, GO TO YOUR MAT, GO TO YOUR BED, UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS, INSIDE, OUTSIDE, SIT UP (BEG), FIX (fixing his leash so that he's not straddling it). He also knows all the negation - NO JUMP, NO BEG, NO PULL, etc.
  • And of course, he's house- and crate-trained

He is so well adjusted he is good with kids and other dogs, in fact he is most patient with the little ones. Taking him on vacation and long trips has not been a problem. And when we can't take him with us, finding a sitter has not been a problem either - everybody enjoys Scout.

Impressed? So are we. And we truly believe that it wouldn't have been this successful, that Scout wouldn't have been this easy to train if it weren't for The Rescue Train and their wonderful program for rescued animals.

Thanks Lisa! Thanks Rescue Train!

Dollie & Scout

Dean & Hero Testimonial

As a young, energetic, 110-lb male Rottweiler unused to a home environment, Hero could have been a real handful without training. Instead, he's a cupcake! The Rescue Train's training program and the trainer's work with him made his transition from the kennel to the home a breeze. Hero was already housebroken; knew "Down/Stay," "Sit" and "Come;" was used to walking on a leash; and was fully crate-trained. Another big plus was the additional time the trainer spent with me and Hero when she first brought him to my home. Besides teaching me various additional control techniques, she fully explained Hero's dietary needs and feeding schedule, what health conditions to watch out for, and how his prior experiences had affected his personality. (He had been abandoned on the street as a puppy; nearly died from malnutrition and mange; and had endured weeks of painful skin treatment baths, making him terrified of water.) I had adopted dogs several times before and this experience was by far the easiest and most pleasant due to the training provided by The Rescue Train.

Thanks so much for turning Hero into such a wonderful dog!

Dean & Hero

Judy, Murtha, Race & Carrie Ann Testimonial

We have adopted two dogs from The Rescue Train: handsome Race (named for the annual Race for the Rescues), and beautiful Carrie Ann. The fact that they had been through the Trained for Life program was fabulous. Rescue Train dogs have already been through basic obedience training, plus you get free lessons as part of the adoption process, which also helps the dogs to adjust to one another as well as to their new forever home.

This is truly a unique rescue organization, which we highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about adopting a dog or cat. See you at next year's Race for the Rescues!

Judy, Murtha, Race & Carrie Ann