THE RESCUE TRAlN is a unique, 501(c)3 non-profit, no-kill organization dedicated to eliminating animal suffering and euthanasia through hands-on rescue work, dedication to spay/neuter, education and awareness.

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Picture Magical Micha Miss Personality!

Misha is that dog that just makes you smile from the minute you meet her. She is Miss Personality!

Misha can be very shy to start but she will warm up fairly quickly. A calm home with adults to fuss over her would be ideal Given a little time, she is friendly, loving, playful and just such a sweet little girl.

Misha has a lot of energy! She is very talkative and excited about everything life has to offer; especially if you are there to share it with her and be her protector. Misha can be lots of fun and she plays as intensely as she loves.

Misha is ALL about loving and being loved. Her favorite place to be is in your arms or on your lap, giving you lots of kisses. Fargo Shy and Sweet!

Sweet shy Fargo! He turned 1 year old in July 2017 and weighs 15 pounds. He's a big boy! He loves to eat. He looks like an Abyssinian mix with his black stripe down his back and on his head. Fargo is VERY shy with new people and hands reaching for him, so he's looking for a shy-cat-experienced home with at least one other kitten or cat friend. He loves loves loves other cats! He seems to bond best to boy cats who like to snuggle and wrestle, but he gets along okay with his sister Audi, also up for adoption. Fargo had tough start in life. He was born in a home with too many cats and almost starved to death as baby. He was rescued just in nick of time, rushed to our vet, and put into an incubator with the best vet care possible which saved his life. Fargo is now super healthy and thriving! It took months but Fargo finally learned to trust his foster mom and dad. He will climb into laps for a nap, but still flinches if touched unless he's distracted with food. He follows his foster mom from room to room and likes to be nearby. At playtime, he's a tiger-spotted adventure boy! He loves to play with all kinds of toys and race around after his kitty friends, up and down cat trees like a little leopard. He's so much fun! Meet Charlie! The Purr-fect Gentlemen

Charlie is the PURRfect Gentleman!

Charlie will charm you with his tuxedo made of the softest fur. This 2 year old kitty follows his foster mom around like a pup. Eagerly ready to play and be loved he doesn't ask for much.

He is generous, letting his sister Lily eat first and grooming her on occasion.

He's inquisitive and loves his scratch pad, his perch at the top of the sofa, and watching birds out the window. He easy to handle and never uses his claws. He does well at staying off of surfaces he's told to leave alone.

He loves to be told he's a good boy and will purr up a storm!

Los Angeles has a large population of cats that need homes. Charlie has been waiting so patiently for a FURever family. He is such an easy and delightful boy he truly deserves one. His saucer eyes greet you as you walk in the door and every time you leave he's pretty sure he's going with you..and we hope that happens on The Rescue Train.


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