Rolling Down The Tracks to Save Animals' Lives

The Rescue Train’s deep-rooted goals are to be a voice for animals and to help save as many lives as possible. We fulfill our mission through our key initiatives: rescue and rehome, shelter intervention, dedication to spay and neuter, and collaboration with other like-minded organizations. We aim to drastically reduce the number of animals entering kill shelters and animals living on the streets of Los Angeles.

Rescue Train Values

  • Animals are sentient beings that do not have a voice, so it is our duty to speak for them and prevent them from suffering.
  • Education and awareness create lasting change.
  • The amount of money someone makes should not determine whether they get to experience the unconditional love and joy a companion animal can bring.
  • We must ensure that every animal that comes onto The Recue Train has a good quality of life after it leaves our station.
  • Every time we save an animal, we know it will make a profound impact on a person's life.

Creating Lasting Chance

Many of our life-saving programs help lay a foundation of lasting change through community outreach. Our Shelter intervention Program and Pet Pantry prevent animals from entering Los Angeles City shelters by providing resources to low income, senior citizens, veterans and homeless pet owners. We offer free spay and neuter to help solve pet overpopulation at the root of the problem. Our Pet Care Clinics go into areas of poverty to provide resources that includes vaccines, grooming, referrals to vet care, pet food and supplies. We are available to mentor other animal welfare non-profits that are interested in creating similar programs in other parts of our country.

When Every Cage Is Empty

We envision a day when our train can pull into the station and our services will not be needed because every animal’s life has value and all animals have the love and safety they deserve.